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Traditional Sash Windows

These are the sliding traditional sash windows manufactured in both Softwood and Hardwood, the sashes are hung on traditional lead weights, and are rebated for single glazing.

Glazing can be either putty pointed or secured by beads. The window has the benefit of being fully draught sealed.

Product Specifications

Leads Weights & Cords

Lead Weights are supplied cut to the correct length complete with eyebolt, and incorporate our unique way of attaching the cord to the sashes with a ‘simple to fit’ aluminium cylinder. The cord that we use is a ‘poly-propylene’ which eliminates stretching.

Single Glass

Single glass is commonly 4mm thick, but different thickness’s can be incorporated, including laminated.

Draught Proofing

Fully draught proofed using Schlegel woolpiles and Exitex Tubex compression seals.


Hardware is solid brass, and can be offered in other finishes, including, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome & White.