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Straight Slider Sash Windows

The vertical straight slider sash windows have been made for the last 300 years or more. In this window however we have two modifications. Firstly, the sashes are operated by spring balances, and secondly, we have applied up-to-date technology and design to the seals.

The sashes are secured with a fitch fastener.

Product Specifications


These are purchased from one of the leading suppliers – Balance UK


The Energy Efficient DGU’s are made with the following products:

4mm Low Iron glass (external)
4mm Low E glass (internal)
16mm ‘warm edge’ spacer bar
MATCHING integral duplex bar positioned behind the surface mounted astragal bars to give the appearance of separate DGU’s
Argon filled DGU’s

A ‘SLIMLINE’ version of this window is also available which incorporates slim DGU’s that are filled with Krypton gas, and this is proving to be popular in conservation areas.

Draught Proofing

Fully draught proofed using Schlegel woolpiles and Exitex Tubex compression seals.


Hardware is solid brass, and can be offered in other finishes, including, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome & White.