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Tilt & Turn Casement Windows

The Tilt & Turn Casement windows are a great concept which allows cleaning to be undertaken from inside the property by opening the sash inwards. This is beneficial in hard to reach areas, for example, above a conservatory roof or in medium / high rise apartments.

There is also a ‘Tilt’ facility which allows ventilation in a safe manner without having the sash fully opened. This window can be manufactured in unlimited styles and designs.

Locking is provided by means of specialist Tilt & Turn hardware.

Product Specifications


The Energy Efficient DGU’s are made with the following products:

4mm Low Iron glass (external)
4mm Low E glass (internal)
16mm ‘warm edge’ spacer bar
MATCHING integral duplex bar positioned behind the surface mounted astragal bars to give the appearance of separate DGU’s
Argon filled DGU’s

Draught Proofing

Fully draught proofed using compressible seals.


Specialist Tilt & Turn hardware is used in this design of window, and the handles are available in a number of designs and colours.